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Common Christmas fire hazards

Posted on February 20, 2018 by NorthernMedia

The last thing that you want to happen over the Christmas season is to have a house fire. Around Christmas time, appliances are overworked, every plug socket adaptor in the house is used, and Christmas lights are everywhere, which unfortunately can be potentially hazardous.

At HydroFire we want you to have a fabulous Christmas, so to prevent any unwanted accidents we’ve put together a list of some common causes of house fires at this time of year to help you be more wary of potential fire risks.


Although they look great, fairy lights are responsible for 1 in 3 Christmas tree fires. Most lights will have a symbol on the side of the box which shows that they have met the health and safety standards required. Although LED lights are more environmentally friendly, they can still reach high temperatures and potentially cause a fire.

We would advise that you do not purchase any lights that have not got this sticker on the box, and would also encourage you to check any other lights that you have to make sure that they have been tested – if they haven’t, replace them.


Candles are often given as a festive gift, and, just like fairy lights, are excellent decorations but very prone to causing house fires. Of all home decoration fires, 40% are started by candles, with December being the peak period of time for this. Candles should never be placed under any decorations – particularly paper chains or similar – and should also never be placed on a Christmas tree as a decoration.


Most fires that are reported over the Christmas period take place in the kitchen. Try not to cook too many things at once when in the kitchen. Although it is tempting to run out 10 different courses and have the oven on all day, fires are often started as a result of food being left in the oven too long – or someone going overboard with their Christmas pudding fireworks.


Although a staple addition to the homes around Christmas, a Christmas tree is often times responsible for the cause of a fire. It is imperative that your tree is not left any closer than three feet away from any heat sources as they speed up how fast the tree dries out and can also set a tree on fire, particularly open fire places.

Here at HydroFire we have been providing risk assessments and fire extinguishers to small businesses in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford and the surrounding Yorkshire area for over 20 years. To make sure that you have a wonderful festive season, ensure that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order, and that if you have a fire extinguisher it is the correct one for your home and has been serviced.

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