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Fire safety in buildings

Posted on April 17, 2018 by NorthernMedia

In the last few decades fires safety has changed massively. There are now more new hazards and threats to consider, with changes in building techniques and also in standard furnishings.

With over 20 years of experience in providing risk assessment and fire safety equipment to the Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield area, we have become experts in our field. Here at Hydro Fire, we have put together a short article about fire safety in buildings.

Fire systems

Although traditionally fire systems were simply put in place to sound an alarm to notify people that there was a fire, technology has moved on now to the point where fire safety systems can also communicate life-saving information. After recent natural disasters and terrorist scares, fire safety systems are now more effective in detecting, containing and controlling or extinguishing a fire event in the early stages.


When considering purchasing fire safety equipment, fire and smoke detectors are not the only thing that you should be thinking about. Ensuring that you have the correct fire extinguishers in the correct locations is essential to the fire safety of a building. Having the wrong fire safety equipment near the wrong fire hazards can be very dangerous. To make sure you have the right extinguishers for your building, check out the different types of extinguishers by clicking here.

Signage for evacuation

Other than audible alerts, if a fire takes place at night or in a poorly lit building and the lights go out, it is imperative that people know where to go to get to safety and how to get there. Photoluminescent safety signs are excellent at helping to guide people to safety. Signs on walls help to guide people the right way, and if there is thick smoke, photoluminescent strips along the edges of corridors help further in assisting people to safety.

It is essential that fire safety is taken seriously in all work and leisure environments. At Hydrofire we provide training and fire safety equipment to the Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield area. If you have any questions about the above article or would like to contact us, please call on 0808 1443934.